God, I Want to Ask You

Seven Questions When Facing Death

About this Book

It isn't easy being told that you have a terminal illness. I know, for it has happened to me. In the days that followed, many questions and emotions descended on me, as they surely have upon you. In your hands are my conclusions. They are offered in the hope of encouraging you.

For answers, I turned to the Bible, which has been my pleasure to study and preach for 30 years. Why the Bible? Christians believe that the Bible is God's Book, communicating His thoughts. Time has proven its wisdom, truth, and power over and over again. It offers you guidance and strength.

Knowing illness taxes strength, I have kept things short and used a larger type to make reading easier. Take your time as you read. You will go through stages where one question predominates over others. When one seems appropriate to you, read it, then reflect. Perhaps there will be points you wish to review.

After the seven questions are seven devotions. These are intended to strengthen the faith and peace that hopefully you find as you read.

Thank you for letting me share my hope with you.

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